The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

Back in the days, people have to go to school to get educated and finish a degree, but, nowadays, we can already do this at home. You may opt for the so-called online learning, or you can also take advantage of homeschooling.

If you are wondering if you should homeschool your child or children, note that it should not necessarily be a cut and dry decision. After all, there are advantages and drawbacks to the choice.

The following is a list of the pros and cons of homeschooling:


You Get to Learn with Your Children

Homeschooling is often fun for the parent as they get very involved in the learning process. Usually, the parent will engage in the process and help teach a bit with the help of the learning materials, such as books and even the Internet. This is especially true for the younger years. It can be a time where the parent can remember and relearn a lot of concepts that they have forgotten about.

You Can Protect Your Children from Bullying

bullying aroundBullying is a massive epidemic in schools these days. It only seems to get worse, not better, even though there is so much awareness now in the media. A lot of kids get traumatized because of bullying to the point that they are no longer interested in going to school.

When you have your children at home, you can shelter them from school bullies. You don’t have to worry about dealing with pathetic teachers and incompetent administration. You will be in charge of ensuring that your child does not have to interact with bullies on a daily basis.

You Don’t Miss Your Children’s Childhood

So often, our society is fast-paced at the expense of relationships. You don’t want to be worrying about never seeing your children. If you commit to homeschooling, you can see them all day. It can be helpful for parents who treasure time with their children.


You Don’t Get Your Alone Time

One of the beautiful aspects of having children go off to school is that you can have some reprieve from them. You can run your errands and go work out without worrying much about the kids. But, this homeschooling business is a 24-7 thing; you might only get some relief when your spouse comes back from work.

Your Children Have Less Social Opportunities

Homeschooling can be an inherently lonely process. The children are at home and not interacting with peers as much. There are home school clubs that exist, and this can bring interaction. However, the pool of children that a homeschooled child sees on a daily basis is lessened.

learning at home


Homeschooling is a fun process. It is not a perfect system though, so you will still have some inconveniences. However, if you feel that it is right for your family, then you should jump in. You have a balanced perspective on what you are in for. It is also essential that you choose the right institution that will …

Power Point Presentations

How to Prepare an Effective Power Point Presentations

Preparing and giving PowerPoint presentation is not a simple task, specifically if you are doing it for the very first time in front of a huge audience.

The outcome of your presentation will certainly be impacted by your interaction abilities, quality of your presentation and eventually, by the time you spent in preparing the presentation. In order to prepare effective PowerPoint presentations, we offer you with some guidance that will certainly assist you in that process. You can also get some experts to prepare a presentation.

Prepare your presentation

Prepare principle of your presentation – For example 1. Introduction 2. Issue 3. Solution 4. The result 5. Next steps

Choose an effective PowerPoint design template that will be consistent with the presentationssubject you present

Design simple slides – do not overdo it. Don’t put too much text on your slides. Presentations are not books. Put just keywords, not full sentences. This will keep the interest of the audience to your slides while you are speaking.

Use images to match your message – Do not use images for design, only to highlight the message you are rendering.

Be consistent – use same font style on all slides. Do not write in uppercase and preferably choose text without any serifs as it is much easier to read slides.

Power Point PresentationsPrepare notes – make use of larger typeface on your notes so that you can quickly remind yourself of vital points. Always put numbers on your notes in case they mix up or fall on the floor so that you can organize them quickly.

Giving the presentation

Prepare the stage – set everything up, ensure that the projector is working and go through your presentation. Prepare notes.

Beginning of the presentation – eye contact with the audience, firm standing. Look for 2-3 familiar individuals in thePower Point Presentations audience and take a look at them.

Greeting and introduction – attempt to begin with a friendly start, with a smile or a joke.

Do not just read text on slides – this is a common mistake that makes presentations uninteresting and audience sleepy. Instead, describe points you made on your slides. The idea is to keep the audience concentrated on your slides while they are paying attention to you.…


Selecting a College That Suits You

As you go under the college planning process, you should select the schools that satisfy your needs, financial resources, and personal tastes. You can go to the university’s website for info, and perhaps visit college online forums for objective assessments.

collegeYou can also take a virtual tour of schools that interest you. In addition to what high school counselors could offer, you might wish to employ a private college consultant to get the answers to concerns you have. Private college consultants also provide help with picking a college, help with applications and essays, and advice on how to pay for college.


Colleges and universities are scholastic organizations, and non-academic considerations should be of secondary value. Your interests and abilities should be more relevant to your college choice, not because you are a fan of the school’s football team. So pick a major or think about some that interest you and afterwards select colleges that provide programs in these areas. Good college planning will help you do a self-assessment to determine your strengths.


Are their buildings, libraries, labs, and dormitories up-to-date? The academic building and equipment for a specific department’s use might demonstrate just how encouraging the university is of that program. Take a look at the dorms and other living facilities because this is where you will be spending a fair amount of time. What do they offer to make living there more appealing? A school’s appearance is often a vital factor to consider when choosing a college.


Exactly what is the standing of a particular department which I want to sign up with as compared to comparable programs at other universities? Some schools might have an average track record but have a superior architectural program, for example. Other universities might have outstanding credibility, but the department you want to sign up with may not be among its greatest. It is also a great idea to learn how many students return after their freshman year and how many students graduate in 4 years.


The university website can supply details concerning tuition and other expenses. You need also to look up private and government financial assistance that may be useful to your circumstance. The new net price calculator should assist families have a more accurate idea of what a college or university will cost. Contacting the financial assistance office will assist you find ways to pay for college.


Select colleges and universities that match your likes and dislikes. Some colleges may be found at the very center of an urban spread while others have the small-town beauty and are peaceful. You should likewise consider the climate. For example, some students could like the temperate of the west coast or southeast environment instead of going through the long New England winter.

You should ask these questions and have them …