Picking The Right Student Accommodation

Deciding where to live as a student is a major decision you can make before beginning your dream course. There are many options out there. You need to weight your options. Nowadays, only a few students live in halls of residence. In fact, most students seeking newcastle university accommodation are after private rented rooms or private student accommodation. It is important to understand the pros and cons of every option you take.

Types of student accommodation

University halls

These are managed by the University and have some benefits. You can easily make lots of friends as you live with your fellow students. You will get the opportunity to know people who you are going to bedroomlive with. Moreover, you have chances of being included in any on-campus events. Thus, you have nothing to worry about traveling long distances for the social events.

If it is first-time to live away from home, halls of residence can be a perfect way to prepare you to live in the private rented sector. This is because you will have some independence and you will not deal with landlords or bills. In addition, if something goes wrong, you are bound to get support from the university.


  • You are sure to meet many people
  • You start living away from home
  • You will never be alone as there is support from the University


  • You cannot choose the person you want to live with
  • You have no guarantee: you can get a place of accommodation you do not like
  • There is a lot of noise from other students

Private student halls

This is the secobedroomnd option for university student accommodation. These properties are specifically designed with students in mind. Their set up has some similarities to halls of residence, but private firm owns them. You need to do additional research about this type of student accommodation. For instance, you need to know what you will get for your money, facilities that are on-site, and the different activities you can engage. Moreover, you can inquire about the up-front costs that come with this type of accommodation.


  • They are designed for students. Thus, same benefits as students in the university halls of residence do apply
  • Some perks such as internet are part of the package
  • You are close to other students


  • They are associated with extra costs.
  • Same pitfalls apply like halls of residence: there is lots of noise and many more
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University Student Accommodation – Living Away From Home

If you are joining a university or a college in Edinburgh, you need to start looking for your student accommodation early.

Handy tips

It is true you have got your dream course, and you abedroomre ready to start independent new study life. Your parents and friends hope you will have an enjoyable time and make the university everything you need. The following are tips to make your life in private student accommodation a bit easier:

Learn to cook

You should, at least, be cooking one meal in your room. Your healthy is very important, and it relies on your diet. Do not be like most students that live off takeaways and noodles. Fortunately, there are several cookbooks out there that contain numerous recipes. You need to buy one. Having a simple and cheap meal is very important as it not only makes you happy but does not make you add weight. Moreover, it smells better as compared to the lingering odour of pot noodles and pizza boxes.

Ask for help

There are some things you will need to deal with while at the university. Some of them include anxiety, money problems, and homesickness. Fortunately, all universities have good measures in place that help students. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask for help and make your stay at private student accommodation comfortable.

Make most of the opportunities

Most people are reserved in nature. However, the university is one of the places where most people are looking forward to mingling with new people. There is no need for making every person your condo areabest friend, but a friendly face is very important. Even chatting with a friend before lecturers can make your day better. Sports clubs and societies can be of help as they make you know people better. Moreover, they give you an opportunity to make something a social hobby.

Be mature

At university, when you are talking to people ensure you give your opinion. You should talk about things that you are passionate about. Every person is here to learn new things. You will be at a better chance of finding genuine or like-minded friends there.…