Get to know about Vocal Range

In terms of actual study purpose, vocal range is defined as the measure of pitches, which a human being can vocalize. Many phoneticians and linguisticians study vocal range. Vocal Range in terms of singing: The actual definition of vocal range cannot be used when explaining vocal range in terms of singing. Basically, it is the different notes and sounds a musician produces while singing. These notes or pitches differ from singer to singer and the genre of music. The voice lessons newcastle are meant to help individuals improve their vocal range. Vocal Range sessions are important to improve the vocal range of a singer.

The different types of Vocal Range

microphoneVocal Range determines which voice type your voice belongs to, an important factor for any musician. Generally, women have three vocal ranges and men have four divisions. The types of Vocal Range for women are:

  • Soprano
  • Mezzo-soprano
  • Contralto

While the different types for men are:

  • Countertenor
  • Tenor
  • Baritone
  • Bass

Vocal Range for men

The Vocal Range for men is divided into four categories, countertenor, tenor , baritone and bass.

The countertenor is the highest male voice. Many people might not have heard about this range as it is mainly from a classical background. The countertenor vocal range stretches from a G note to a high F one octave.

The tenor voice is one of the most known types lying in between, the C note one octave below C3 to the C note one octave above C5. Many popular singers like Elton John and Stevie Wonder had this particular voice note.

The baritone is commonly found among all men. A baritone voice lies between, the A flat note one octave below A flat 2 to A flat note one octave above A flat 4. Famous singers who had this type of voice range are, Leonard Warren and Robert Merrill.

The bass voice is the lowest in male voices. Having a vocal range between F note one octave below F2 and the E note above E4. Men with a bass voice have a strong and deep voice.

Vocal Range for women

singersThe Soprano is the highest among female voices. Singers with this type of voice range are normally opera singers who can easily sing the high notes

The mezzo-soprano is the most common type found among women. This type has a stronger middle voice and is much deeper as compared to Soprano.

The contralto is the lowest among the voices and it is considered unique. The time of this type is richer as compared to above two.

Vocal Range is important for a musician to sing at the right note. Axl Rose the singer of the band Guns N Roses has the highest vocal range followed by Mariah Carey in the second position and Prince in the third.…