Impact of The MRCGP Examination

MRCGP commonly known as Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners is a system that assesses the ability of a doctor to get into independent practice after successfully completing specialty training in the United Kingdom.

A certificate is issued to confirm certificate of completion of training (CCT) and membership of RCGP. It is made up of tests in different areas such as Applied Knowledge Test (AKT); Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) and Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA). It seeks to produce all round competent doctors in diverse spectrums like attitude, skills, behavior and knowledge. This article looks deeper into the components of this exam, effectiveness and impact in relation to the provision of quality health service.

Major Components of the MRCGP international Exam

  • Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) – It assesses the level of knowledge of a doctor. It is usedoctorful in determining whether a doctor is competent to be in independent general practice in compliance with the National Health Service standards. The standard of knowledge is required to be high enough for independent practice.
  • ·Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) – It evaluates a doctor’s ability to apply learned clinical profession to diagnose a disease, ability to comprehend the disease processes and also gather relevant research on the disease.
  • Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA)- It assess the doctor’s reliability in diverse areas in the workplace ranging from gathering information and assessing performance. It also reports on a doctors strong and weak areas, professional behavior and ability to progress to more advanced stages of learning.

Impact of MRCGP Examinations

  • Personal Impact- Participants have claimed improved approach towards patients, advanced knowledge and skills, better relations with patients and ability to share information with patients instead of instructing patients on what to do.
  • National Impact- Reportedly this exam has increased job opportunities, enhanced development of useful CPD/ CME doctorsessions for GP’s, and this has further enhanced the quality of services offered on a national level. It also has advanced use of evidence-based medicine, improved interest in research and also it has been viewed as a catalyst for positive change on a national level through generally raising awareness.
  • International Impact- Member states have collaborated towards raising the quality of the provision of services. It has been achieved through several strategies such as; interaction with other Family Medicine organizations in order to gain valuable knowledge from each other, having one research agenda and international reorganization.

The MRCGP exam provides a medium through which quality research based services can be provided for ensuring doctors are competent.…