Are you looking for health and safety graduate jobs in the United Kingdom? If you are, then you are in the right place. This article will give you a basic background on how to land a job that you have been longing for. There is a huge number of people who are aiming to get a job on this particular field. However, not all of them are qualified or they just don’t know where to search and start submitting their applications.

Bryan & Armstrong

employeeBryan & Armstrong is one of the leading recruitment agencies in the UK especially when it comes to health and safety jobs. They have been assisting job seekers for about ten years now and up to this day, they are still providing excellent services to all those people who are looking for employment. This reliable company is also helping different employers as they search for the right candidates that would fill the positions needed in their companies. Bryan & Armstrong is located in Wenlock, London.

Job opportunities

Bryan & Armstrong has a variety of job opportunities for all interested and qualified individuals. Here are just some of their listings.

  • Health and Safety Manager

    This position is required by a company that is providing hospitality and recruitment services. The successful candidate will be in charge with all the aspects of the health and safety of the company that is based in central London. Additionally, he or she will be required to travel within the country and to other European countries to meet the requirements of the organization as well as their clients.

  • Health and Safety Coordinator

The successful candidate for this position will work with a company in West Kent that is supplying the main supermarkets and groceries in the UK with different products.

  • Other openings

There are also openings for Environmental Manager, CDM Consultant, Health and Safety Consultant, Senior CDM Consultant, and many more.

You can check Bryan & Armstrong’s website to see the full details of the job opportunities that were mentioned above. You can also search their page for some other fields that you might be interested in. You can use the available filters that are available to make it faster for you to find the job that you are aiming for.

shakehandContact Bryan & Armstrong

You can directly contact Bryan & Armstrong through the telephone numbers that are provided on their website. Or, you can send them an email and one of their dedicated personnel will get back at you promptly.

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